The EWF Inc.


The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, the “EWF Inc.” or the “Federation” is an ecclesiastically ordained International civic league, social welfare, heritage, membership organization established August 25th, 1937 by Orders of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and established in New York City by His Majesty’s cousin and Emissary, Dr. Malaku Emmanuel Bayen.

The organization is registered as a not-­for­-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of the USA and enjoys Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

The responsibility to maintain the Integrity and Sovereignty of Ethiopia/Ethiopians /Africa/Afrikans – our Divine Heritage – and uphold other high ideals outlined in the Constitution of “We, the Black Peoples of the World” was given to The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated by The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and bloodline Heir to the Solomonic Dynasty and the Throne of David, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw of Ethiopia in 1937.

In 1948 Their Imperial Majesties also provided the Shashemane Land Grant in Ethiopia for the Repatriation of the children of our kidnapped and enslaved family in the Diaspora under the ownership and administrative responsibility of the Federation. Other Land Grants in Africa were given through the Federation by the governments of Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone in response to the “Back to Africa” Mission from Jamaica in 1961.

Members and prospective Members are encouraged to make a request to the Executive Council to form a Local Chapter of the EWF, Inc. in their community. It requires 25 Black African Descendant individuals who desire to be of service to their neighbors and to our Black family – in keeping with the Constitution & ByLaws – Desiring to do all we can to restore the Continent of Africa to her former state of complete independence & self-reliance, thereby effecting social and economic betterment of the Race.


“We the Black Peoples of the World, in Order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and Self­-determination, to secure Justice and Maintain the Integrity of Ethiopia, which is our Divine Heritage, do hereby Establish and Ordain this Constitution for The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.”


ARTICLE I Section 2

(a)   To promote love and good-will among Ethiopians at home and abroad and thereby to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia/Africa, to disseminate the ancient Ethiopian/African culture Among its members, to correct abuses, relieve oppression and carve for ourselves and our posterity, a destiny comparable with our idea of perfect manhood and God’s purpose in creating us; that we may not only save ourselves from annihilation, but carve for ourselves a place in the Sun: in this endeavor, we determine to seek peace and pursue it, for it is the will of God for man.

(b)  To promote and pursue happiness; for it is the goal of human life and endeavor.

(c)  To usher in the teaching and practice of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

(d)  To promote and stimulate interest among its members in world affairs, and to cultivate a spirit of international goodwill and comity.

(e)  To promote friendly interest among its members, to develop a fraternal spirit among them and to inculcate in its members the desire to render voluntary aid and assistance to one another at all times.

(f)  To render voluntary aid and protection to its members, without fee or charge for same when in need. And, if necessary, to provide and care for refugees and disabled victims of the Italio-Ethiopian war.          

(g)  To give concrete material and voluntary aid without fee or charge for the same, to all such refugees and disabled victims and to raise funds by voluntary subscription for the purposes aforementioned. There shall be no charge, fee, beneficiary tax or other assessment upon the members of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, except for dues, provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.

(h)  To encourage its members to develop interest and pride in Democratic institutions and to promote Democratic principles and ideals.

May God help us to accomplish these aims and ideals.

Section 3. Scope: The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall be International in scope.

Section 4. Headquarters: The Headquarters of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall be in the City of New York, State of New York, United States of America.

Section 5. Colors. The official Colors of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall be the same as the National Colors of Ethiopia Green, Gold and Red.

Section 6.  Eligibility to Office. Male and female shall be equally eligible to all offices.

Section 7.   Non-Partisan Character. The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall be non-partisan and non-political in character, but in cases where partisan, political, or other issues tend to affect the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, adversely in the carrying out of its aims and objects, it shall be free to combat such issues with the best legal means at its disposal.

Section 8. No individual who is a member of any other organization, political party, religious group or sect, which requires that individual to pledge unswerving allegiance to its tenets, thus depriving him of freedom of thought and action which may be necessary in carrying out the aims and objects of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall be elected or appointed to office, or shall allow himself to be elected to any office. Any election or appointment to office in violation of this Section shall be null and void.


Section 1.  The membership shall comprise the BLACK PEOPLES of the world.


1.      Finance and Fundraising (Ways & Means)

2.      Membership and Locals Liaison Committee

3.      Education and Information Committee

4.      Public Relations, Publicity & Press Committee         

5.      Housing and Properties Committee 

6.      Medical and Wellness Committee

7.      Committee on Women’s Issues

8.      Committee on Youth Issues

9.      Committee on Men’s Issues

10.    Legal Committee

11.    Music & Culture Committee

12.    Reparations and Repatriation Committee

13.    Shashamane Development Committee

14.    International Relations Committee (UN/NGO/AU/

15.    Trade and Cooperatives Committee – Agriculture

16.    Church, Spirituality and Religious Issues

(Committees meet by teleconference & the internet)

Black peoples of the Diaspora were incensed by the fascist invasion of Ethiopia by Italy (1935 -­ 1941).  They rallied behind their Black King, of whom Marcus Garvey had prophesized, donating funds from their meager post-slavery resources to help Ethiopia.  Many volunteered to travel to Ethiopia to help fight the war, but “… Afro-Americans, West Indians and Africans who had wanted to volunteer for service in Ethiopia were forbidden to do so by their respective governments.” 

Seeking to streamline collection of the donations, The Menelik Club of Harlem, New York, sent a delegation to seek an audience with the Emperor who was in exile in Bath, England at the time. The mission consisted of:
1) Rev. William Lloyd Imes, Pastor of the St. James Presbyterian Church,
2) Dr. Philip M. Savory, Chairman of the Victory Insurance Company and co-owner of the Amsterdam News, and
3) Mr. Cyril M. Philp, Secretary of United Aid for Ethiopia.

In response, His Imperial Majesty empowered His cousin and personal physician, Dr. Malaku Emmanuel Bayen, to incorporate The Ethiopian World Federation in New York with a Constitution for “We, the Black Peoples of the World” to ensure the Independence and Sovereignty of the Black race.

The organization assumed official control of all fund-raising activities for the war, providing aid to thousands of Ethiopian refugees in the Sudan, Egypt, French Somaliland, and Kenya, and also sent many who volunteered to Ethiopia to help repel the Italian invaders.

In 1948 the Emperor granted land in Shashamene, Ethiopia under the ownership and administration of the Ethiopian World Federation for the Return/Repatriation of Africa’s kidnapped and enslaved children in the Diaspora. It is said that the Emperor made this important gesture in gratitude for the support Ethiopia received from the Black Diaspora during the Italian invasion.

The development of Shashemene and other Land Grants given by other African governments for our Repatriation must be undertaken with as much zeal by the world community as extended to the Israelis in Palestine as Reparations for the Holocaust under Hitler. We deserve and must demand no less.

The EWF, Inc. also has the responsibility to defend and protect the rights of all Indigenous peoples – their culture, lands, their ancient lifestyles, religion etc.

We welcome Black peoples across the globe to request a Local Charter (subsidiary) to carry out the EWF Inc. Aims and Objects in your communities. Services are provided through committees and units outlined in the Constitution.  The Locals’ are required to engage in charitable programs involving Education, Health Care, Employment and Training, Housing, Religion and Culture, Social Welfare, and more.  Member benefits are outlined in the Constitution. Membership participation determines our success. Join today! Request a Membership Application.

The organization has three NGO projects registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: (1) an ongoing Rain Water Harvesting TankProject (2) a proposed Vocational Training Institute that includes farming; and (3) Development of a Self Sustainable City on the Shashamene Land Grant. We seek donations and funding to obtain properties to provide offices and community services including holistic clinics and learning centers.
PLEASE SUPPORT: The EWF Adopt a Child, Help an Orphan Project (TEACH-OP) and the Local’s Scholarship/Grant Program for students from Middle School to College.

All Locals must be registered Non-Profits and must engage in charitable activities.

The EWF, Inc. supported Ras Sadiki-I (Jevon White) a young Rastafarian who was born in the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean, and who came to be baptized by the Guardian Monk of the Ark of the Covenant and built the New Temple for the Ark of Covenant in Axum, Ethiopia. We must continue to support his efforts to preserve ancient and holy sites throughout Ethiopia/Africa.

⦁ Reparations and Repatriation
⦁ The African Land Grab and Rape of Africa’s resources
⦁ Police Brutality and Murder of Africans in the USA
⦁ The Afrikan Refugee/Slavery/Immigration Crisis
⦁ Return of all African Artifacts and Religious Icons  
⦁ Return of kidnapped Beta Israel by Operation Moses etc. to Ethiopia
⦁ Reclaim our Divine Heritage from Rome & the Synagogues that stole our Biblical History & Identity
⦁ Protection and Preservation of Ancient Holy Sites
⦁ Status and Maintenance of the African Land Grants  
⦁ Keep Children in Need in their own Environment
⦁ EDUCATION geared to the Afrikan Experience, Needs
⦁ Protection & Provision for the Sick, Elderly, Children
⦁ Protection of Indigenous Peoples and their Lands
⦁ The Ark of the Covenant Foundation – Helping to Raise funds for the State of the Art Museum in Axum
⦁ Support and protection for those at risk from War, Disasters and Genocide – Disaster Preparedness
⦁ The health of our Family affected by Big Pharma, Pollution, Poverty, Eugenics, Climate Change, Nuclear Waste, Weapons and emissions into the environment
⦁ REPLANT THE WORLD: – to preserve life 
⦁ PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT – preserve the earth
⦁ FOOD SECURITY & FOOD INTEGRITY – to preserve and enhance life – not to destroy

Reparations for the Holocaust of the Trans-Atlantic Trade, Kidnap, Enslavement, Torture and wanton Murders of Africans; the conquest and holocausts on our Family in the Motherland by European colonial invaders, including the Italian Holocaust in Ethiopia, Belgium’s atrocities in the Congo, the Apartheid System in South Africa etc., the rape of her mines and resources, the continued discrimination and denigration by other races that deprive us from achieving economic and social equity and permits physical abuse and murder with impunity; must be quantifiable, qualifiable, tangible and lasting improvement in the life of each and every descendant of those ancestors, and the Race in general – all of whom were and are affected – even mentally.

We demand Improvements in business, economics, employment, ownership of resources; in healthcare, education, housing, land ownership, access to loans, and general lifestyle including access to clean water, food and air, and to health care to bring our Race on equal footing with the slave-masters children so that we too can enjoy the goodness of the earth as required by Natural Law and our Constitution.

Ethiopians/ Africans in the Diaspora are still enslaved; treated as less than second class citizens; designated as minorities and treated as minors; are still lynched by the slave-catcher / police institutions; incarcerated en masse by prejudiced courts in collusion with the Prison Industry; endure wanton racial discrimination, systematic annihilation; are deprived of human, social and economic rights – on a scale that no other race or peoples have ever endured. This is most apparent in the USA where overt racism is fully institutionalized – in high and low places. Together we must demand Reparation, Restitution, Restoration, and RETURN – in Good Order.

We believe that the children of enslaved Africans must all come together on one platform to address with ONE VOICE the issues of the holocausts our race has endured and is still enduring. Together, we must make a determination of what we, as a whole, consider to be adequate compensation across the board – not backroom, under the table insular deals.

The present approach of individual groups, and individual countries seeking restitution from particular targeted institutions and countries is self-defeating. The guilty parties should be addressed as one bloc, and the harmed parties (we) must speak as one and not seek individualized hand-outs. Such an insular and selfish approach is pleasing to the children of the Slave Traders, Slave Owners and Slave Governments. It plays into their long-standing mantra of “Divide and Rule”.